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Job is goooooood

5 Apr

Six months into working by myself, there is much that I appreciate about a 9am to 6 errr 8pm job. Infact, this post will try and work around you to appreciate what you’ve got in a job, about which you crib a LOT !

1. Office coffee/tea : There are 3 things good about the horrible tasting coffee. First, that it is free. Second that it is automated and third, that it is a good excuse to get off work and grab a quick discussion on weather, bosses, work-load and of course intelligent discussion on ‘you know what she is wearing today’ ….. OMG … ! And a well acceptable excuse.

<on phone>

Boss : where are you? blah blah blah blah blah blah!

ME : Did not get lunch … 😉 so….grabbing a quick cup of coffee (since the past 15 mins)

Boss: Oh ok, rush to my cabin … once done

2. Air Conditioning : Until last year I used to smirk on everyone who would complain about summers. Thanks to the office air conditioning. Infact, i usually was upset about too much cooling and bone ache cos of it.

Well you guys, just try and get yourself really cool in office, untill you move out on your own and dread the overheads of house cooling and electric meter readings. Yeah, even though the electricity department claims otherwise, they definitely run into huge profits.

3. The HR department: So how many of you feel that the HR department does no work. I love these guys, ever since I have none of them around me.

These guys work to take you away from work, planning all the company paid parties …  Diwali partiees, holi get-togethers. They make you get out of office by providing cabs and all (at the same time getting paid for it) … in fact these guys have done a stupendofantabulouslyfantastic job by convincing management that there should be yearly increments (even if it is just 2%), perks and providing extreme comfort at the work place. They have infact corrupted the system, and in the process benefited millions.

4. Bosses: They are God sent. Every time something goes wrong, you can blame it on poor briefing, mislead guidance, poor leadership skills, low motivation and stress due to overload and in most cases get rid of it all via a banter with your colleagues over an after office session. But, had there been no boss – just think about it – who would become the subject of all your talk, know of it and yet  bear you with all dignity. They make for a good crib of 5 mins every 5 mins. 😐

Lastly, this is the most important part of it all. Your puny salary  gets you piece of mind(of your bosses), some bank balance every month. Also, a bank balnce ensures you dignity with the world, and with the Gods of credit.  Enjoy, while those Credit Card guys toil day and night to somehow get your number on their database and all that you do is shout on them when they call….at-least they  don’t put down calls on your face when you declare that you are self occupied!

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