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IPL is pro-Maharashtra !

14 Mar

The great form of entertainment is back and it is pro-Maharashtra. This is how –

1. ) Lalit Modi, Gujju, born in Delhi, studied in Shimla,  Nainital and USA, now living in Mumbai – had committed a crime in 1985, of possessing 500 gms of cocaine, kidnapping and assault. Then, he had pledged 100 hours of community work . Thats when the seeds of IPL were sown. Today, he possesses some 500…….. (lakh/millions/billions rupees), has kidnapped the game of cricket and is assaulting cricketers (via auctions). Yet, it translates into great community work –  One Maha-rashtra through one Maha-game. :).

2.) All of twitter world including most from Mumbai like @iamsrk @theshilpashetty @realpreityzinta will tweet and trend IPL. One Mumbai. One topic of interest. One nation. One twitter. One world.

3.) I support Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils and Kings Xi (sitting in Noida), my hubby supports Chennai sooper Kings (eeks – really!), my neighbours from Chennai support Delhi Dare Devils, and my Bhabhi’s pup supports the cheer leaders. He wags his tail and attempts some form of dance, every time he sees them! DOGS !!! All of us, sometimes, watch on the same TV set.

4.) We Indians are a lot of very aggressive people, especially when on roads, in the house (excpet infront of our bosses) With aggressive cricket around us, all of us just sit infront of TV sets and let cricketers like Appam C…. get agressive. Effectively, less traffic on the roads and PEACE!

5.) So, now for the next few days we will not hear about the Marathi Manoos. Instead from various parts of the country we will find supporters for Mumbai Indians, with players from Maha – Rashtra ie the world. Dear Mr. Thackeray beat this!

6.)Besides, Media would be too busy juggling three important news items, and will totally forget about Mr. T and other state related news cos of . 1. IPL III 2. Dance India Dance 3. Anandi’s death and second life (TVitually)

The amalgam of all that India is about – Cricket, Bollywood, Twitter, Unity in Diversity and Aggression is therefore, pro Maha-rashtra and INDIA. 🙂

Wishlist for the upcoming boom times :)

29 Apr

I am a die hard optimist! However, my energies have not surfaced for a while(since the slowdown happened),  but I found a reason yesterday when I read this on Curious Capitalist http://is.gd/uD59. While most economists have been sticking to a timeline of 2010, this piece of news indicates a recovery much earlier – 2009 – July. 

The indicators are believable – Mapped to previous downturns, statistics indicate that economic indicators are at their lowest, from where it will pick up soon 🙂 – in simple terms… 

I am happy and already planning life after three months. What will be up my sleeve as soon as the slowdown ends?

1. I have been saving so far since the slowdown began, in fear of losing my job? Therefore, some of my aspirations did not see light of day, and therfore the first things I got to do are to buy a car and a house(if the current rate at 8% persisits)  and also try and do some other life altering stuff that I cant mention publicly.. you may try and guess it though. 

2. Once the slowdown is over, I will start paying the rickshaw puller 20 bucks instead of 15 for commuting between office and home.

3. I will try and spread good word about ICICI, which touched bankruptcy 4-5 times since slowdown started(thanks to me – the originator of such rumours)

4. Also, I will try and make my blog more popular by sponsoring Kolkata Knight Riders (for every IPL – at least they get to play 6 games). Imagine seeing Thinkingaxe.com instead of Nokia, and me instead of SRK :).

5. Once I have made enough money in the next boom, I will take up politics as a career, and fulfill my aspirations of opening a shoe shop 😉

Well there is lots more…but I shall close this here today, for the fear of boring you guys.(I am yet not ready for a shoe shop)

Thanks – and do add in your wishlist in comments 🙂

Who’s that Blogger?

24 Apr

I am usually a busy person and have no time to gossip or listen around. Yesterday was unique!!!

I was caught laughing to myself several times as I imagined Bub-Lee an Babli in a song sequence or imagining the more  discrete mentions in the blog of the Fake IPL Player. HO.HO!

The blog is adding a voyeuristic angle to obsessive cricket.. and CRICKET fans are ‘Just loving it’  …! 

I was OK till I heard this through the company grapevine.  But, I was shocked when I found it on TOI front page and then HT front page, mainstream media captured by a Fake Blogger :).  India is now talking about bloggers and blogging, more than IPL. It has moved much of the cricket team on ground, analysts, junta and everyone is wondering on his identity.



Sure of some things about him. Out of Common Sense.

# Has definitely studied ENGLISH, a God of smart descriptions, can give Arundhati Roy a run for her money.

#Is in the thick of things.

#Likes Ganguly – since only Kolkatans can love the ‘gud'(4 nothing) ol guy, he is therefore from Kolkata

#Is a revolutionary – he is the first blogger to make it to front page of Indian publications. I am almost sure that the next “India Today” will carry him, if not on the front cover.

His impact is so widespread and effective, that he has brought me back to blogging…!

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