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What women want in their cars!

14 Oct

I am on this wonderful Ford Figo – Discover Smart Drive Tour, and it definitely makes sense for me to write about features I would like my car to have.

So, here is what I need it to have, in no particular order and irrespective of whether I am on the driving seat or not:

1. Mirrors: Every woman is obsessed with her looks. Besides, in India we wear elaborate dresses like the saree, which makes it all the more important to check , every now and then, if  all is fine. So, I come to the point, the ‘hidden mirror’ is heluva lot critical. Don’t you agree?

2. Power steering: Usually the best shopping spots are located in city interiors eg: Johari Bazaar in Jaipur. This means, that if the steering is not powerful enough for us dainty darlings, we’d have to depend on our ‘better’ halfves to drive us. A complete ‘NO’ ‘NO’. So the steering better be good, if you want someone beautiful to sit behind it, and drive it to bazaars and malls.

3. Killer looks: With Indian men no match to Greek Gods, we can expect only our cars to be masculine and beautiful at the same time.

4. Large Boot: The least we expect of cars is to have a large boot which can accommodate all the heavy duty shopping we indulge in every time something goes wrong. It’s called retail therapy, and it’s a must do for every women to remain sane.

5. Bluetooth connection: Women are the multi-taskers, men can never imagine ever to be. We juggle several things at the same time. Cooking, talking, cleaning happens simultaneously. Similarly, traveling, fixing meetings and kitty parties need to happen at the same time. We need to be connected on-the-move. And today, I realized that a bluetooth connectivity can really come in handy in all the cumbersome situations that we have to deal in.

I am sure I can list a hundred other features that we want in our cars. Like a powerful engine to make sure that the car remains sturdy and sustains a little wo-man-handling…

However, lets hear it from you. What’s the most important feature that you want in your car? Suggest it directly to car makers here :D.

Look forward,

Aakriti aka Thinking Axe!

(This post is courtesy my selection for the Ford Figo tour – I, Aakriti and my hubby Anshul are one of the couples and get this wonderful chance to explore the car and India. More posts soon. )

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