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The World is My Oyster…

4 Oct

Ladies and Gentleman,

Yes I have given up … (my job)  and taken up a new challenge (LIFE) … at my own risk  …on my own conditions… My Way… I have chosen my own path (bought from Dell) …

Now, I know the right questions must be coming up in your head…? Why… when… what… how… where…

Like most of you who know me… also know that entrepreneurship runs in my blood… 🙂 .. I am a born risk taker.. and ideas person …. blah blah … etc etc… To match up to your expectations I had to do this… YOU are responsible for me quitting a cushy comfortabe job that earned me some peanuts.. and therefore you owe me … I have figured that you can pay me back… for starters just spread the WORD…!

My last day at Naukri(literally) was 1st October. And therefore my new ‘janam’ happened on 2nd October(Do you see a connection with the birth date of the father of the nation.)

I think most of you would agree that I have a fair hand at writing. Also, over the years in my naukri and studying, I have gained some experience in Communications, Branding, PR and Social Media. I want to utilise this to undertake projects with start ups and enhance their reach with their audiences. A lot of my ideas are in the making, and rest assured.. you will be the first ones to know about it.

Mein aur mera laptop aksar ye baatein kiya karte hai.. ki aage kya hoga …for now we are the only companions… and our ‘khopcha’ is my sweet little home… (it goes unsaid that I look forward to your support)

That probably answers most of your questions… stay tuned in for .. much more that is coming up 🙂


Thinking Axe!

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