The Anti-Broker Movement!

31 Jul

Here on, I am starting the Anti-Broker Movement… to save thousands …of thousands of people who look for a house everyday!

I NEED an accommodation available on rent in GURGAON..
a) 2BR +Study or 3bedroom apartment
b) Walking from a metro station
c) Preferably with 100% power back-up.

If you are an owner of a house, please comment below or connect with me on – or!/aakriti or mail  me at –  aakriti at gmail dot com. I will get in touch with you.. like in 5 mins of commenting …

After a fortnight of a crazy search, I am not willing to go through any broker, or atleast pay brokerage cos I must have already spent that kind of money in shortlisting two houses, almost negotiating beyond my budgets and losing them. Broker played foul and gave it off to another person with jacked up prices. It so seems that any budget is low budget and any accommodation has someone else paying higher than we can. The virtual price spiral has at least p***** me off completely and here’s what it means.

If a broker says that he can show you 3 properties, believe me knows 3 brokers who know another 3 brokers who have the keys of the properties he has in mind. Ask him if he knows the owners of the properties.

Rents go up and up!

If a broker says that your budget is low, it means that you look like you can pay more. The solution is to wear ragged clothes and almost look like you are broke.

If a broker says that the owner is asking for more. It means that the rent will go up in an arbitrage between two parties, with the same broker. I would advise you to go with half your budget to a broker. It would automatically double.

If a broker says that lets meet the owner tomorrow, he means that he has just received another call from a house seeker with the same specs. Leave the property, you would not get it at even 20% up on the price it was quoted at.

If you take my real advise, learn from my experience and JUST AVOID brokers. Seek your networks first… :O

One Response to “The Anti-Broker Movement!”

  1. enidhi January 29, 2012 at 8:48 am #

    good initiative.. any success stories to share?

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