I Love My Neighbours!

29 Jan

I studied at a convent school where our music room used to have a lot of posters with quotations like – “Love thy neighbour”. Morning assemblies to zero hours, we have practised this in the form of skits and sharing our tiffin boxes 😉 . It is therefore ingrained in my heart and also governs my current behaviour.

But, here’s why I have come to believe that this is an eternal principle, more so, in the current state of the world. Let me tell you how.

I park my car. Under my house rental scheme, I am alloted a parking space. Just one. But that one parking space somehow is always occupied by my neighbours. I don’t complain. I love my neighbour. So, I park on someone else’s parking. But it is naivety to assume that the world lives by your principles. And, I learnt my lesson, when an unnerved Anshul  called me from his office. Yes, my neighbour ………. my neighbour ……….. had punctured the car, and made a nice beautiful cross on it. Like this X.  I went into flashback of all the morning assemblies and music lessons, and kept ruminating on where I went wrong, for my neighbour to do this to me. I went and checked the car where we had parked our car. There were big big NO PARKING signs marked all over the place, for the parking of three cars owned by the neighbour. (Not that we’ve not put the No Parking sign around the car).

Those guys obviously love me. Have bought the best cars, spent their hard earned money,  and brought the best cars to the neighbourhood. Raised my self esteem. And I park in their space. I realised. My sweet neighbours were sweet to taught me my forgotten lessons the ‘stricter’ way.

Of course, how do I miss on all the neighbours who completely do not miss on any opportunity to bring me back to my path, and snap back on even simple requests like please park in your own area.

And, then there are these very nice neighbours, almost all of them, who leave the garbage out for the sweet dogs that rein the locality. Of course the dogs are also our neighbours. And they have every right to be fed. And the least we can do is clean our house and feed the stray dogs.

The whole ‘Love thy neighbour’ principle has been taken to whole new level and a whole new meaning. I am loving it. And still learning. 😐

(Please add to my observations, and tell me how you experience the love of your neighbours)

4 Responses to “I Love My Neighbours!”

  1. Sunil J January 30, 2011 at 12:00 am #

    You should start a business.. to seal punctures and sell tyres. Then go puncture the car that is parked at your spot, and your neighbour will go puncture someone else’s car so on and so forth. If they manage to get punctured Monday to Thursday, you could fix their tyres for free on Friday. It will be a vicious cycle and you will be millionaire..

    Isn’t that how the world works now?

  2. Aakriti January 30, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    Thanks Sunil… Brilliant idea.. Getting to work right now… 😀 .. Will go puncture some tyres… and then also post a card of where to get repairs done.. will tie up with a vendor and charge commission on every customer sent.. 😀

    Also, neighbours would use the tyre lying usless inside their cars. there should be equal wear and tear on all tyres.. NO?

  3. Anshul January 31, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    reminded me of the terrible day when I saw the puncture…I hate such “well groomed and educated elite” who dont even know how to follow basic tenets of humanity! – huh!

  4. Atul March 11, 2011 at 12:46 am #

    this sounds so familiar! … and i am sure this comment box won’t do justice to my experiences! 🙂

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