Thank God, I am not a CEO!

6 Oct

I over heard a conversation today….

CEO: But, ours is a flat organisation, why do I need to be called a CEO

HR: But then how else do we sign this letter off.

CEO: May be you can just leave it blank and sign off by the company name. A company is an entity under the Indian Business principles. (Besides there is no death threat to it)

HR: May be can redo your designation to Managing Director.

CEO: No thankyou I am happy being just a humble employee!!!

A little later, there was a rumour that all CXO positions will be addressed simply and humbly as employees…. !

Today, I Thank God, I am not a CEO. With much difficulty, I have attained the designation of a Manager, and I am not very humble to let go the position. Just Like That!

One Response to “Thank God, I am not a CEO!”

  1. phoenixritu October 7, 2008 at 3:08 pm #

    LOL at the humble employee. As they say truth is stranger than fiction 🙂

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