Tourist Guide to a weekend trip to Nainital

11 May

Last weekend I made a two day trip to Nainital. Actually, Ramgarh. Considering that it was a two day trip, I think that I used time optimally to relax as well as see places around and would like to take this opportunity to guide people. Free of Cost. 😀

A quick guide:

Friday Night: A Group of 4 of us took a train to Kathgodam. Ranikhet Express is a marvel. It leaves Delhi(DLI) at 10:45pm and reaches Kathgodam(KGM) at 5:45. If you fall in the category of a typical ‘kanjoos’ procrastinator then book sleeper at 400 bucks- Tatkal quota. The AC 3 Tier cost is 700 something.

Dont forget to take a pack of cards.. .and enjoy your train journey as well!

Saturday Morning: Now in KGM, we needed to go to Ramgarh to a resort called Roop Kumaon. So, before I describe the Resort, heres a quick byte on how to decide where to stay.

1. If you are lazy: Stay at Nainital.

2. If you like Calm surroundings and have an extra buck in your pocket. Then Ramgarh/ Naukuchiyatal is perfect for you

Either, get adventurous and hunt places to stay once in Nainital/Ramgarh/ Naukuchiyatal.

Or, if you are risk averse, then thank travel portals. Surf Makemytrip and Yatra for places to stay. Well, actually I got a fantastic deal of 50% off on domestic hotels on Ezeego1through an ICICI Card – Ambani Khaandaan ki Jai Ho!

Ok. So our resort – Hotel Roop Kumaon was a hour and a half from KGM. Secluded, it was first disappointing to realise that there was no convenient transport from the location. But, the rooms were spacious, the view – beautifuland the service excellent. Also, the silence was almost deafening especially at night. Altogether,

perfect getaway. Room Rent -1200(after discounts)


Saturday: After a couple of hours of rest, get a cab to SaT Tal and Bhimtal. Dont go to Naukuchiyatal. There’s nothing to miss there. SaT Tal is absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. It is a gamut of Seven Lakes. The way down to the Main lake is heavenly, as you catch glimpses of other lakes within the curves of the mountains.

It is advisable to take a boat ride here. (Cost:130 with some bargaining skills). Also dont miss one of the lakes on the way. It is supposed to be haunted.

Be back by 8 to your hotel whereever it is and catch an IPL match if the series is still running. :D. (Total Cab Cost : 1000)

Sunday: Reach Nainital by 11am. The Animal caves in Nainital are quite intersting. Besides trottin through them, you may get that exercise you have been missing for months. Also, walk around the market, eat at the Boat Lake House, while enjoying the view. You can miss the Nainital Zoo. I was unable to go to the Waterfall though. You may try and see it and let me know about it too. Leave the place by 6:30pm for KGM. (Total Cab cost:1200)

Get some good food packed from Nainital for the train . KGM did not seem to recognise the need of hungry bypassers.

Back to Delhi : From KGM, RAnikhet express leaves at 8:30pm and reaches DLIat 4:45 in the morning. Convenient to be back home and get two hours of rest before hitting the office again.

Some adventurous details later.

Acknowledgements: IRCTC, Indian Railways, EzeeGo1, Hotel Roop Kumaon.

4 Responses to “Tourist Guide to a weekend trip to Nainital”

  1. Anshul May 30, 2008 at 12:05 am #

    You have forgotten to mention about the haunted (or so it is claimed) lake at Saattal…:)…and your style of writing is nice…curt…funny and to the point…(can I dare to say like Douglas Adams? ;))

  2. Nachiketa June 11, 2008 at 6:39 pm #

    WOW!!!!1 sound like a good trip… must do….

  3. Axe June 12, 2008 at 2:05 pm #

    Actually it was.. all the details are already there.. but if you need to know anything.. seek me virtually or in reality 🙂

  4. Arvind August 14, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    can you please tell me how much we have to pay for cab to visit nanital and nearby palces and

    what is the cab charge from kathgodam to naintal.

    what is the total charge of cab for kathgodam to naintal and nanital all over visit and back to kathgodam

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